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Birth Plan: People


Part of your birth plan is people. Now it’s time to think about the birth of your bundle of joy. Who do you want in the room with you? Since Covid, many hospitals are only allowing one person in the labor and delivery room. You are in control for who they allow. If you’d like your midwife or doula in there with you and your husband, you may want to examine the hospital policies closely.

Benefits states “….discussing it with your partner and OB-GYN or midwife, and writing a few things down in advance will ease your anxiety level and help you address your biggest concerns. ” This is especially important to decide upon before the delivery of your new baby. Labor and delivery can be intense. You may not have the energy or time to make decisions while in labor. Do you want your spouse there? How about your mom or sister? Are you going to have a mid-wife or doula present? How about your best friend?

Hopefully, it isn’t too overwhelming. If it is, first find out if the birthing environment you have chosen will allow as many visitors as you would like. I will discuss choosing your birthing environment next week.


Hopefully, it isn’t too overwhelming. If it is, there are many apps now that can help you get through the next few months like Birth Plan Plus. There is also plenty of templates you can print off to start checking some of these “to-do’s” to get your birth plan well on it’s way.
Narrowing down your list of people to be in the birthing room with you is the first step in creating your birth plan. Birth plan people is the first of several articles I will be publishing to help all expectant mothers figure out a way to get through labor and delivery with ease. Although your plan can fall apart, and you never know exactly what’s going to happen, it definitely feels good to be prepared.
Next week, find out which birthing environment you like and how many visitors are allowed there. I look forward to the next article.💕


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July 16, 2021