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Birth Plan: Postpartum

This is it! This article, Birth Plan: Postpartum, is the last in the Birth Plan series. While postpartum seems like something to only worry about after the big day, there are some things to think about before the due date.

Questions to Ponder

  • Who will you use for support and assistance in the hospital and then at home too?
  • Will the baby stay with you or in the nursery?
  • Do you know where your partner or the other siblings will stay while you are in the hospital?
  • Are you planning to nurse or bottle feed?
  • Will you introduce a pacifier?
  • Do you wish to have instruction on how to bathe your new baby?
  • Will you circumcise the baby if you’re having a boy? If so, when? Who will perform the circumcision?


Wow! I can not believe we made it to the end of this article series. Birth Plan: Postpartum has more to think about than I would have thought. It makes sense though to think of these things beforehand since your mind and your body will have been through a lot by then.

Giving birth is an experience you won’t soon forget. While your body is being taken over by this sweet, little, bundle of joy, it can sometimes feel like you are completely out of control. However, formulating a great birth plan can help you get back of that control again.

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September 2, 2021

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