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How To Convince Husband of Newborn Pictures

How To Convince Husband of Newborn Pictures

Navigating how to convince husband of newborn pictures can be challenging. Many men do not realize the importance of pictures in general! There are the minority of husbands that totally get it, but for a large majority of wives, husbands need to be convinced this is important!

Misty Dawn Photography How to convince husband of newborn pictures


Do your research first. Hopefully, you have already found the right newborn photographer right here!(hi šŸ‘‹ ) I am super relaxed and easy going. But if you are still searching, google newborn photographers near you and find a photographer with a portfolio that makes swoon! Decide whether you enjoy a more relaxed newborn pose or more posed. Know exactly what, why, and who you want before broaching the subject with your husband. If your going to convince him, you’ve got to already be sold!


Between pregnancy brain, not enough sleep, and time flying, you want to document as much as you can! This time with your newborn won’t last forever, not even close. And when even only a year has passed, you will find it hard to remember those first few weeks. I know that many husbands might say “You can document as much as you want with your phone”. And that is true! But you and your husband will be amazed with what a professional photographer can do with lighting and angles.

Photographers know the best positions to place babies. They know how the light needs to be directed and what kind of light is best. AND they know how to help you look fabulous even though you just had a baby and you are getting very little sleep. Let’s not forget safety concerns! Keeping that baby safe is my absolute number 1 priority. As a new mom, you just aren’t real sure yet and I wouldn’t want you to risk the safety of your baby for a nice picture at home. Leave it to the professionals.šŸ’• These are important to discuss with your husband.


After explaining all this, husbands still might not be convinced. Appeal to his practical side, professional print products make for excellent gift ideas! You will have everyone covered for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s day, Father’s day, etc. You won’t have to go out shopping for those loved ones come that time of year. It can be appealing to him to already have those gifts figured out and checked off.

Still, you might have some convincing to do. In that case, if it were me, I’d let him off the hook for buying my next birthday or Christmas gift. I’d say “I see that you just can’t see the importance of getting professional pictures done of our sweet baby. I, however, would absolutely LOVE having these precious moments captured. What do you say about gifting this newborn session to me as my upcoming birthday gift? You wouldn’t need to buy me anything else once the time comes. It means SO much more to me than an arbitrary physical present.”

I hope this helps guide you in how to convince husband of newborn pictures.

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Misty Dawn Photography How To Convince Husband of Newborn Pictures

October 4, 2021

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