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Master Art Edits

Master Art Edits

Master Art Edits are specialty edits. They can be a combination of two or more photos or they can be super artsy edits!

Toddlers are so busy! It’s hard, even as a professional, to catch them looking and smiling long enough to capture a sweet picture of them. Add in a sibling, and it’s near impossible! Little James here was so patient and cooperative, an absolute trooper through this session, and so handsome! Sarah is the youngest and did an excellent job on the first set. The bed was our second set and Sarah was over it, which is extremely normal for toddlers.

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Master Art Edits can also be hand edited artsy portraits. Sometimes a picture is begging to be taken to the next level. While the original edit is still a great portrait, giving it that extra special attention to turn it into Master Art!😍 Here’s a great example below. Brianna brought this amazing maternity dress to her session with ideas for posing. Not all of my clients bring pose ideas because I usually have the poses that I want to use all figured out. However, I do not mind at all if you have ideas of your own.

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Master Art Edit


Master Art Edits are available for an additional fee. Contact me via this link if you’d like to send me an email. Need to know more first? You can learn so much about Misty Dawn Photography right here on my website or more specifically about the photographer on the About Me page. Lastly, find me on Facebook. Feel free to send me a message. I’d love to hear from you.💕

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December 13, 2021

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