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Newborn Family Photos

Welcoming a newborn into the family is such a special occasion. It is filled with joy, love, and memories in the making. As new parents, there is an array of emotions and adjustments that come with a new addition to the family. Capturing these fleeting moments becomes so very important, like never before!

Professional newborn family photography offers a timeless opportunity to freeze these cherished moments in time, creating memories that will be treasured for generations to come.

The Importance of Newborn Family Photography

Newborn family photography goes beyond capturing adorable poses of the newborn; it highlights the bond and love shared within the family. From the loving embrace of parents to the gentle touch of siblings, each photograph shows a one of a kind story of love and connection. These photographs are a reminder of your precious moments preserving memories that parents will fondly look back on as their little one grows.

What to Expect from a Professional Photography Session

Preparing for a newborn family photography session can seem daunting, especially for new parents. However, understanding what to expect can alleviate any worries  and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Here’s a breakdown of what typically happens during a professional newborn family photography session:

Safety First:

Safety is paramount during newborn photography sessions. Photographers should be trained in newborn posing techniques and should always prioritize the safety and comfort of the baby. Props and accessories used during the session should be carefully selected to ensure they pose no risk to the baby.

Pre-session Consultation:

Before the session, we offer a pre-session consultation to discuss the vision, preferences, and expectations of the parents. This is an excellent opportunity for parents to share any specific ideas or themes they have in mind and to address any questions or concerns they may have.

Timing and Location:

Newborn photography sessions are ideally scheduled within the first two weeks of the baby’s birth when they are still sleepy and can be easily posed. The session will take place in the comfort our home studio, depending the preferences of the parents.

Patience and Flexibility:

Newborn photography sessions revolve around the baby’s schedule, which can be unpredictable. Patience and flexibility are key during the session, as there may be frequent breaks for feeding, soothing, and diaper changes. A skilled newborn photographer will understand the importance of working at the baby’s pace and will create a relaxed and comfortable environment for both the baby and the family.

Check out this Google Review from one of our clients: “I found Misty through Facebook when I was searching for the perfect photographer to capture images of my precious newborn & I feel so extremely lucky that I did. Our little one was immediately at ease as soon as we arrived. Misty & Phillip are extremely professional, patient, calm, kind & loving, and truly have a way with babies that had me amazed. Everything was already set and organized when we got there, and they spent several hours working with my baby in order to get the perfect shots. It never once felt rushed, even when we took a small break for feeding/changing. Misty & Phillip have a beautiful and inviting studio, with coffee, beverages and treats, and a comfy & cozy seating area with a changing table. Perfect environment for a newborn session. I also loved how they had seating throughout the entire session for parents to watch & be engaged throughout the entire process. I loved watching Misty & Phillip in action. Misty & Phillip are veterans (which we love supporting), and both of them are highly skilled at photography, which shows in the beautiful art that they create together. Support this small business & family!!! They will create long-lasting memories, which is a priceless investment that you’ll cherish forever and ever” ~ Sara Sciara

Posed and Candid Shots:

The photographer will capture a combination of posed shots, where the baby is carefully positioned in adorable poses, and still shots that capture genuine moments of interaction and emotion within the family. Parents can expect a variety of setups, including individual portraits of the baby, family portraits, and sibling shots, all carefully designed to reflect the unique dynamics of the family.

Post-processing and Delivery:

After the session, the photographer will professionally edit and enhance the images to ensure they are of the highest quality. Parents can expect to receive a selection of beautifully edited digital images, ready to be printed and displayed in their home or shared with loved ones.


Professional newborn family photography offers a timeless opportunity to capture the precious present moment and the profound bond shared within the family. By understanding what to expect from a photography session and choosing a skilled and experienced photographer, parents can ensure a worry free and enjoyable experience that results in treasured memories to last a lifetime. So, embrace the journey of parenthood, and let professional photography preserve the magic of these precious present moments for years to come.

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Newborn family photos

April 23, 2024


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