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Newborn Session Tips

Newborn Session Tips

I thought I’d do a series on newborn session tips. There really is so much that we worry about when it comes to photography sessions in general, nevertheless one that involves a newborn. It is such a stressful time when you first have a baby at home. Your sleep schedule gets messed up and you are just really living day by day. To add the extra stress of bringing your baby in for a session is really hard for some parents to even imagine. Hopefully this series will help you feel more prepared and much less stressed about a newborn session.


  1. Timing. I will discuss when is the right time to schedule your session and how old is the best time for the baby to come in for their session.
  2. Wardrobe. What does the baby need for the session and what colors/outfits look best for the rest of the family.
  3. Dads. Yes, I will discuss how to talk to dad about the session and how to prepare him for it.
  4. Siblings. Let’s discuss how to handle your other children during your session.


In the coming weeks, we will discuss newborn session tips. My hope is that being more informed about what to expect and having tips for a better session will allow you to feel less stressed about making that appointment with me.

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September 9, 2021

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