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Siblings at Newborn Sessions

Siblings at Newborn Sessions

Siblings at newborn sessions can bring so much anxiety for parents trying to get good pictures of baby and other siblings. Often times the sibling is a toddler and need/want extra attention. It can be hard on the parents so I wanted to discuss with you my favorite tips for handling siblings during a newborn session.


Talk to your children about what is about to happen. Talk it up. Make it sound like they are going to have so much fun getting their picture taken. Or if they are not going to be in pictures, talk to them about how beautiful their new baby brother or sister is and how the photographer is going to need their big sibling to help keep baby happy. I love children and if they want to “help” me, I’d love to play along.


Snacks can be a great way to help a sibling get through a newborn session. Be mindful of what kind of snacks you bring if the sibling will be in some of the pictures. Avoid snacks that will leave a sticky residue on their mouths. Try to use snacks that won’t turn their mouth colors. Animal crackers, star puffs, and cheerios are all great choices. I would avoid gummies, fruit roll ups, and suckers. I try to keep some extra snacks in studio just for this reason.

Daddy and Me Day Out

This is what I would highly recommend. In fact, I tell every one of my newborn clients. Plan for a Daddy and me day out. It is likely the older siblings are feeling a little like the world revolves around the new baby. It’s the perfect time to let them get some time with their Dad or someone else they love spending time with. I purposefully plan your session with family poses or sibling poses at the beginning. That way, once it’s done, the siblings and dad can leave and enjoy a couple hours together, away from the new baby.

This is the last article in this series of tips and tricks for newborn sessions. I hope that it has helped you feel more confident about booking a newborn session with me. If you have any questions or need any advice, please reach out to me. I’m happy to help in any way I can.💕

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Misty Dawn Photography Siblings at Newborn Sessions

October 11, 2021

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