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2 week old newborn

2 Week Old Newborn

A 2 week old newborn is not too old for a newborn session. Lauren contacted me about 2 weeks after her baby was born. It was her first baby and she was excited to get some pictures of him as a newborn but the photographer she had lined up “ghosted her”. I wanted to get her those pictures of her newborn as soon as possible before he grew out of those precious newborn days.

I love some of the military themed props. I feel pretty passionate about including some military paraphernalia because it’s a great way to commemorate this time in your life. My husband will soon retire and this military life will be behind us but cherished as precious memories.

     Every moment is precious and we should all live and love in the moment as if it’s our last. Hold your children close and embrace lovingly and affectionately every chance you get. By all means, document these fleeting moments while you have them, to hold on to these memories and cherish them for a lifetime.

Want a Newborn session?

I just love newborn sessions. They are just so cute and precious in every way. One of the things I love most about newborn sessions is the family dynamic at that time in their family. They are so in love with their new baby. The love and happiness just pours out of their very soul. And it’s contagious!! So easy to get family pictures with newborns of the parents holding and cuddling their pride and joy.
Schedule your newborn’s session so we capture your family’s precious present moments. I am following the guidelines to prevent the spread of viruses such as Covid-19. You can find those guidelines here.
Send me an email and I will answer anything you would like to know about a session.

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Misty Dawn Photography 2 week Birmingham newborn

February 13, 2021