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How to be a Great Mom

How to be a Great Mom

As a new mom, there is so much that is brand new. How could you possibly be a great mom? You’ve never been a mom before! Will your motherly instincts kick in?….. YES! Absolutely!!
It is hard to understand how it feels to be mom until you are actually a mother. So much of being a mom comes from pure instinct. However, you do have to plan ahead because your enemy will always be time and regret!

The saying is so true! “Time stops for no man.” Or mother/parent. My gosh do children grow and change so much, so fast! From those first days to just a few weeks later, your brand new baby has already grown, their bones have hardened, and they’re more awake now too. Part of being a great mom is anticipating that change, cherishing the precious, present moments, and realizing someday it will be different. You will want something to remember those moments when…. when they were first born, the sweet, first weeks of having a newborn, the first smile, the first time crawling, walking, and going to school, etc.

I can’t tell you how many moms, including myself, who have regretted not getting newborn pictures done of their first baby. So many of my clients bring me their second and third baby, wishing so bad they had also done it for their first child. As a new mom, you just don’t realize these things.
I’m sure as a new mom-to-be you have a list of all the things that need to come together before the baby is born so that everything goes smoothly once you bring your baby home. Let me encourage you to add this one very important thing to your to-do list because it should be right up there at the top. Schedule a newborn session! I promise you won’t regret it.

What are the first couple weeks like when you bring home a new baby? You’re overwhelmed, stressed, everything is new, and everything hurts. You feel like you’re going crazy from lack of sleep! And then what happens?

You fly by the seat of your pants! You take one day at a time, one moment at a time. And if you didn’t already schedule your newborn session, it’s 100% harder to schedule one once baby is here. Then what? You have regret, because now they are a toddler, going to school, and their friends are showing off their beautiful pictures, and you have nothing because you didn’t have it together!

The good news is that I offer a way to get organized beforehand. I will take your hand and walk you through. It’s only a couple steps so in the end, you look like you have everything together, showing your love! You can then look back and go “I had that”.

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July 2, 2021