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Baby Photography

Baby photography is so much fun for me. This sweet baby boy was only 10 days old for his session. His mom brought him and his 3 year old brother in for pictures. He, like any baby, needed a few breaks for feeding and diaper changes. This is completely fine with me. I do not try to push the baby into poses when it’s very clear he’s hungry or just needs a moment to be held and cuddled. I try to keep the session flexible. After all, we know baby is actually the boss!

Misty Dawn Photography baby photography

Sibling with Baby

Pictures with siblings are some of my clients’ favorites. I always make sure baby is totally safe during all poses, especially with siblings. If a sibling just can’t sit still, I will combine a picture of just baby with a picture of just the sibling(s). You can bet, I’m going to get the shot.

Misty Dawn Photography baby photography

Baby Products

My galleries are usually color coordinated so that if you want them in an album or wall series they would look amazing together! This two pictures would pair perfectly together. During the Pre consult we discuss what you would most like to purchase with this session. In that way, I can plan your baby products before I even shoot the session.

Wall series

Wall Series

The above collage would make a great wall series for the nursery. What’s nice is when families book their newborn sessions to include family poses. Then you have a wall series that would be amazing in a living room or anywhere displayed through out the house.

Want To Book A Session?

Check out my pricing page, here! Contact me via this link if you’d like to send me an email. Need to know more first? You can learn so much about Misty Dawn Photography right here on the About Me page. Lastly, find me on Facebook. Feel free to send me a message. I’d love to hear from you.

Misty Dawn Photography baby photography

May 18, 2022

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