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Top 3 Booked Sessions

My Top 3 sessions booked in baby’s first year is Maternity, Newborn, and 1yr/Cake Smash 🎂

There’s an awesome package for these 3 sessions called “Grow Your Way”. In the end, you get that 1yr/ Cake Smash FREE!! Check it out at the bottom of this pricing page.

As a new mom it is hard to figure out what is important to capture of your new baby. Having been a newborn photographer for the last 3 years and a mother to 3 handsome little boys, these are the MUST HAVES to capture and document. Remember the love and the changes and hand your legacy down to generations to come.



Can I just say, pregnant women are SO beautiful!! 😍 Ya’ll don’t even know!

I know ya’ll mamas-to-be are not feeling that way, but maternity sessions really give you a moment to stop, be pampered, and feel gorgeous. You deserve it!!!

Maternity sessions should take place somewhere between 7-8 months. Your belly will be showing beautifully and you haven’t quite hit the uncomfortable stage yet. If you are having multiples or have any complications throughout your pregnancy then adjustments to this time frame should be made. We can talk about your ideal time frame and go from there, this is just a general guideline.


Misty Dawn Photography Top 3

Newborn scheduling is ideal when done in advance, however; I accommodate new bookings daily.

Planning in advance ensures that newborn sessions are able to be booked. If a newborn session has not been scheduled in advance, I do ask that clients call or email within 24 hours of giving birth with the newborn’s statistical info. My wish is for healthy wonderful deliveries, however; I know that complications or postpartum recovery delays do happen. Find out more about Newborn sessions here.

Cake Smash

For 1st birthdays there’s 2 options:

Misty Dawn Photography Top 3


Basic Balloon Decorations. Solid Color Backdrop
No Theme or Custom Set-Up

Misty Dawn Photography Top 3


(most popular)

Custom set-up, designed to your Personal Theme
Elaborate Decorations & Design
Bubble Bath included

Due to possible unknown allergies, I do not provide the cake for your Cake Smash Session.

Want a Session?

Check out my pricing page, here! Booking multiple sessions comes with HUGE perks. The “Grow Your Way” package includes ALL of my Top 3 booked sessions. AND in the end, you get that 1yr/ Cake Smash FREE!! Contact me via this link if you’d like to send me an email. Need to know more first? You can learn so much about Misty Dawn Photography right here on my website or more specifically about the photographer on the About Me page. Lastly, find me on Facebook. Feel free to send me a message. I’d love to hear from you.

April 11, 2022

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