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Birmingham Baby Photos

Birmingham Baby Photos

Birmingham baby photos with this handsome little boy, Denver. Denver was around 2 weeks old when he came to his newborn session. We started with table poses. The egg wrap was the first pose that we did on the table. He looks so cute wrapped in this brown wrap that is so soft on his skin. I love this post because it really showcases the baby’s sweet face and baby soft skin. You see features like his hands and arms and his little legs folded on top of each other with his feet showing. 

Misty Dawn Photography Birmingham Baby Photos


Before I even have the session I collaborate with the parents to decide which poses they like the most and which props they would like to use for their baby. Once you book, I will send you a questionnaire that shows you examples of all my props with babies posed in them. I ask you to choose your favorite props, so that when I design your sets I know what really makes your heart melt. I want all my clients to know that this is their session. Although I may like a particular prop or pose, what really matters is what you like as the baby’s parent. In the end, I want you to enjoy these pictures for a lifetime and many more. I want you to be able to hand the these pictures to future generations so they know how much they were loved and how beautiful they were as a newborn. 

Misty Dawn Photography Birmingham Baby Photos

Table poses

One of the most popular table poses is this side lying pose. Baby photos of this side lying pose creates a look that is comfortable yet flattering for the baby. Often parents choose the egg wrap, side-lying, and bum up for the table poses. However there are three other poses for the table. The three other poses are called womb pose, froggy, and head on wrists. 

Birmingham Baby Photos


I have several props in the studio to use for your newborn sessions. In this particular session, we use the bed prop, the drawer, the flokati, and the bucket. The flokati is one of the most popular props. The way that the fur of this rug fades into the background really draws attention to the baby that is wrapped beautifully and looking so comfortable.

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Misty Dawn Photography Baby Photos Birmingham

September 21, 2022

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