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Baby Photoshoot Birmingham, AL

Are you looking to have a baby photoshoot in Birmingham, AL? Baby photography is our specialty. We love the babies! Many parents worry their baby will not cooperate with pictures. As a professional baby photographer, I know several ways to calm your baby to drift off to sleep while their pictures are taken in beautiful setups.

Misty Dawn Photography Baby Photoshoot


When you have your baby, the nurses at the hospital will swaddle your baby. They wrap a baby blanket around them snuggly. This mimics the womb and babies really enjoy that feeling. It also helps them not feel like they are falling which usually provokes the startle reflex.

Swaddling or wrapping baby for their photoshoot helps them settle in and get cozy. Babies usually drift right off to sleep. We know several beautiful ways to wrap your baby to create stunning results.

Misty Dawn Photography Baby Photoshoot


Creating a calm, warm environment will ensure baby and parents have less anxiety during the session. It is well known that baby can feel the stress and anxiety parents may be experiencing when arriving at a baby photoshoot.

We turn the lights down, play spa music, and have the temperature set at a warmer temperature. All these things aid in relaxing baby into a cozy nap while taking their pictures.

Misty Dawn Photography Baby Photoshoot

White Noise

We have several items we keep nearby your baby to aid in calming them. We have a white noise maker, vibrating pad, and a small weighted blanket. White noise is very calming to babies because it imitates the noise they heard in the womb. That sound comforts them and relaxes them enough to drift off into dreamland.

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Misty Dawn Photography Baby Photoshoot

October 7, 2022

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