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Birmingham Baby

Birmingham baby

Birmingham baby is all about that first year of life and capturing important milestones.

Birmingham babies are captured during several precious milestones throughout their first year. Your baby will grow so much in such a short amount of time. From the time they are born, babies go through stages of change. Of course, you have already planned to capture that newborn phase to remember them exactly as they were in those early days. But have you thought about capturing them when baby is around three months old? They begin to stay more awake and can be captured with beautiful expressions, eye contact, and personality starting to shine through.

At around 6 to 7 months, baby is beginning to sit on their own. This is a great milestone to capture because up until this point the baby could only lay on their stomach or back. Capturing a baby sitting is a great time to capture smiles and giggles, to play with baby, make them laugh, and to see even more personality developing.

Misty Dawn Photography Birmingham Baby

Another great milestone to catch  is the 9 month milestone. This is that in-between stage of sitting and  walking. Often at this age, baby can stand while holding onto things or holding Mom’s hand. Sometimes babies can even stand unsupported and walk at 9 months. This is a great time to capture this stage because it’s the last milestone before baby turns 1  year old. The baby does not change as much as they have in the past year so it is important to capture this 9 months milestone and to see how they were before they became 1 year old.

Misty Dawn Photography Birmingham Baby

Lastly,  is the 1 year cake smash. Not everyone wants to feed their baby cake on their first birthday and often babies don’t want to eat the cake for their session. Therefore, the first birthday milestone can be captured with or without cake. Most people do want a cake in the picture to signify that first birthday of their baby. Having a cake for the baby creates an opportunity to capture their first bite of cake, their reaction, the mess that it makes, and the smiles in between.

Birmingham baby

For our cake smash sessions, we include a splash session, as well. This is when we pull out our baby tub, fill it with warm water and bubbles. This way, we capture your baby in one of their favorite activities, bath time. Incorporating bubbles just adds to the fun and creates gorgeous images for you to cherish. Not to mention, you will have a clean baby for the car ride going home.

Misty Dawn Photography Birmingham baby

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Misty Dawn Photography Birmingham Baby

September 1, 2022

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