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Maternity outdoors sessions can be so much fun. I love the look of natural light when the sun is beginning to set during that gorgeous golden hour, right before sunset.

This beautiful couple came to me pregnant with their very first child. They knew they wanted an outdoor session and when I shared with them the location I wanted to take their pictures at, they were ecstatic!. The tall grass and the sun setting behind a tree line in these pictures create such a romantic feel to such a precious time and this couple’s life.

Maternity outdoor sessions allow for some very candid shots that involve movement and expressions that aren’t necessarily looking straight at the camera. Maternity sessions are really all about that beautiful baby growing in your stomach and the anticipation of what’s to come.


I’m still trying to find different locations for my clients outdoors. This location is in Alabaster Alabama. It is a secluded park where not many people visit. However, it is somewhat difficult to shoot in because the sun is directly hitting this area before it hits the tree line. It is important for photographers to aim their camera away from the sun or it will create a very hazy picture. So while my clients can be in the sun to create that gorgeous back glow that the sunset can produce, I need to hide my camera from the sun.In this location there was one tree I was able to use to block the Sun from my camera. That one tree helped me create these gorgeous pictures for this couple expecting their first baby.

Misty Dawn Photography Maternity Outdoors

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August 30, 2022

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