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Girl Baby Photos

Girl Baby Photos

Girl Baby Photos

Girl baby photos are some of my favorites! I love all the girly props and clothes. It reminds me of growing up as a child and all the baby dolls I adored. I was definitely a girly girl at times.

Photo sessions for girls are created a lot differently than photo sessions for boy babies. Girl sessions are usually a little more elaborate, often including flowers, lace, crowns, ruffles, and the color pink. 

Misty Dawn Photography Girl Baby Photos

This particular session included all of the above. We had flowers, we had lace we had the crown with ruffles, and of course, the color pink. Avaya, this little baby, was the perfect subject for the setups. You see in the picture above she is actually sitting on the dress her mother wore during her maternity shoot. Those ruffles were at the bottom of the dress, and this sweet baby is mom’s little princess.

Misty Dawn Photography Girl Baby Photos

While mom wanted to include pink, she also wanted some pictures that did not have pink and she chose to color green. Green and pink go so well together in pictures. While they are opposites, opposites often look great together.  In the picture above, Avaya is still a little princess wrapped in white in this beautiful circle bed lined with flowers. This circle bed is one of my clients’ favorite props, and I love decorating it in different ways for each session.

For each baby photo session, we include at least 3 prop setups, and up to six table poses. These green photos of the table poses highlight Avayah’s sweet little face and cute little back rolls. Table poses often highlight the baby without distracting with other props. These are some of my favorite photos of newborn sessions. 

Table Photos

Table poses are different from baby to baby. Some babies easily transition into these curled up poses. However, some babies’ bones have already hardened, and they find it difficult to curl up like they were in the womb. This is why it is ideal to have a newborn session for baby photos between 5 and 10 days old. All poses are done while the baby is directing me with what is okay for their little bodies to transition into. I will not force a baby into a position they don’t want to be in. 

Taking photos of baby requires knowledge in safety, patience, and whole lot of snuggles and soothing. Not everyone is wired to have what it takes to capture posed newborns. You have to let baby be the boss and direct the session. Only then do I get the photos you see here.

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September 8, 2022

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