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Newborn 6 Weeks Old

This is a newborn 6 weeks old!! Sometimes when people reach out to me, their newborn has already been born. And that’s is perfectly okay.

This sweet, little guy did a phenomenal job at his session. Many photographers will not even try newborn poses with older babies. The ideal time to get newborn pictures done is 5-10 days old. The baby is still curly and sleeps hard! Sleeping hard and being curly helps with the poses so much. As a baby gets older, they change a lot, fast. It’s because of these reasons photographers prefer younger babies for these type of sessions.

The Session

The dad of this baby boy reached out to me after baby was born. He realized the time constraint of getting his son into the studio as soon as possible. That’s exactly what we did. As Maverick’s session( cute name right?) started Maverick got wrapped and fell right to sleep. Mom and Dad watched enthusiastically. We were able to move through multiple wrapped table poses and gorgeous prop shots too.


A newborn 6 weeks old is not too old for newborn pictures. There are so many different ways to make a newborn session happen with older babies. One of the best ways is to wrap them up. Some of my wrapping techniques can make the baby very calm and sleepy. Babies often fall right to sleep once they are wrapped. Wrapping techniques can also be very beautiful.

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Misty Dawn Photography Newborn 6 weeks old Birmingham

August 23, 2021

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