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Birth Plan: Labor and Delivery

Today we have made it to Birth Plan: Labor and Delivery. This is the BIG one. This is the one most expectant moms are thinking about almost every day. Let’s break down the options for you to focus on today.

  • What kind of pain relief would you like?
  • Do you think moving around during labor will help you?
  • Would a bath or shower help during labor?
  • Do you have someone in mind to cut the umbilical cord? Do you wish to bank the cord blood?
  • Do you want to have skin to skin contact as soon as possible?
  • When do you want baby’s first feeding to happen? Who will do it?


There are other things to consider but these are some really important decisions to make ahead of time. It’s best to know how you feel about them beforehand so when your due date arrives, you already know! Less decisions, more focus on the baby.


I hope this article on birth plan: labor and delivery has helped you. Feel free to contact me anytime here. I’d love to help in any way I can. Next week, we will dive into the last of your birth plan, postpartum. Yes, it needs to be discussed beforehand. 😀

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Misty Dawn Photography birth plan:l abor and delivery

August 26, 2021

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