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Newborn Props

Newborn Props

My newborn props collection is always growing. It is so much fun to use new props. However, there are a few that are staples in my studio. I will share those with you here and show the different ways to use the same prop.


The bucket is one of my favorite newborn props! This bucket is extra special because I can use these magnetized covers to change the look of the same bucket over and over. So this bucket is actually brown like the image below, but as you can see the image above has stars on it. That’s just one of the many bucket huggers I have to switch the look of the bucket.

Buckets are used two different ways. The baby can be leaning forward with chin on hands as the examples above, or I can place them inside a bucket like the image below to create an entirely different look. I love the versatility.

Misty Dawn Photography Newborn Props


Beds are versatile, too. You can shoot them so many different ways. They can be shot from up above with baby on their back. They can also lay on their side or tummy. The angle of the camera is low and in front of baby instead of from above.

Misty Dawn Photography Newborn Props
Misty Dawn Photography Newborn Props


Bowls are great to add visual interest to the image and highlight the sweet little human inside. I have a few different bowls to create several looks.


I have always loved this prop and most parent’s really love it too. There’s not a lot of different ways to use it but it always creates such a precious image.

Misty Dawn Photography Newborn Props

These are just 4 of my MANY props. I plan to continue adding to this page so that I can have all my props documented and show my clients the potential and the many choices they have.

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Misty Dawn Photography Newborn Props

November 8, 2021

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