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Older Newborns

Older Newborns

Older newborns are absolutely okay to book for a newborn session! Don’t fret and think it’s too late to capture these precious moments now. This newborn was already 2 months old. Ideally, I like to have newborn sessions between 5 and 10 days. Babies are still curly at that age and still sleeping very hard which makes it easier to pose them for their pictures without waking them. Once they are asleep, the sessions really starts to accelerate and we can get so much more out of the time we have, 2-4 hours. I know that seems like a lot. However, it gives me time to soothe baby, feed the baby, comfort baby, wrap baby, and of course get good pictures of your baby. The baby is always the boss and they dictate how long the session will actually take.

Baby Boy

Older newborns can do a lot of the poses that newborns can do that are only a few days old. However, there are certainly some poses that can’t be done when they are older. This sweet baby boy slept really well for his entire session. His grandmother contacted me because she had recently become his full-time guardian. She had not had the opportunity earlier in his life. Unfortunately, he was also healing from a broken arm. While it seemed like it would be a hard session, this little sweetheart slept so good and loved being wrapped.

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September 22, 2021

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