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Scheduling Newborn Sessions

Scheduling Newborn Sessions

To begin my series let’s start with scheduling newborn sessions. This is important because I do not want anyone thinking they are too late to schedule their session.


Ideally, scheduling newborn sessions as soon as you can is best. The more time I have to plan your session, the more likely you will get everything you could have wanted from the session, possibly more! Sometimes props, outfits, and wraps can be ordered ahead of time, if I do not have what you are looking for in studio already. Ordering and shipping takes time. Better safe than sorry. 😉

However, if you are due soon or even if you’ve already had your sweet little baby, contact me as soon as possible! The sooner we get your newborn session scheduled the more likely we will be able to capture them as a fresh newborn! As a baby gets older, they sleep less, uncurl, and sleep lighter. This makes it harder to pose baby and get beautiful pictures, but still possible!

How Long?

How long will your newborn session last? 2-4 hours. I know that seems like a lot. However, it gives me time to soothe baby, feed the baby, comfort baby, wrap baby, and of course get good pictures of your baby. The baby is always the boss and they dictate how long the session will actually take. I am in no hurry for this very reason. It’s best to bring something to do while you are waiting. Although, many mothers love to watch their precious baby in the spot light and looking so cute in beautiful wraps and outfits.

Want a Newborn Session?

Use this contact form below to contact me via email. Need to know more first? You can learn so much about Misty Dawn Photography right here on my website or more specifically about the photographer on the About Me page. Lastly, find me on Facebook. Feel free to send me a private message. I’d love to hear from you.

September 16, 2021

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