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Scheduling your Newborn Session

Newborns are photographed in the morning only. I book only one newborn every other day at 9 or 10:00am. Babies 4-6 weeks are scheduled at 11:00am as they are more likely to have slept through the night and needs some awake time before we get them all sleepy for their session. Newborn babies under 2 weeks generally are best first thing in the morning as they have been up all night. As they get older, they are more awake in the morning, which is why I will schedule the older babies a tiny bit later. I have learned from experience that newborns in the afternoon or early evening are generally not as comfortable.

Newborn scheduling is ideal when done in advance, however; I accommodate new bookings daily. Planning in advance ensures that newborn sessions are able to be booked. If a newborn session has not been scheduled in advance, I do ask that clients call or email within 24 hours of giving birth with the newborn’s statistical info. My wish is for healthy wonderful deliveries, however; I know that complications or postpartum recovery delays do happen.
When you have your baby, please let me know via telephone or email the baby stats.

Date/time baby was born
Weight of baby
Name(if known)
Delivery/postpartum results

A newborn is considered so for 6 weeks. As a newborn progresses in development the bones harden and they tend to “uncurl” and stretch out more. A newborn photo session can successfully be achieved at any of these weeks with special care and prep.

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February 5, 2022

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